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Industry Expertise

Food & Beverage

Sage 300 users enjoy all benefits the application features that address the needs of food and beverage processors and distributors. Sage 300 Food and Beverage enables companies to fill out customer orders, manage recipes, control inventory, plan and manage production, while staying up-to-date and compliant with all complexities that stem from increasing government regulations.


Lot Traceability with Expiry

Sage 300cloud's powerful traceability tool allows for easy tracking of goods anywhere along the distribution chain. Food and beverage companies striving to deliver the freshest products can utilize lot traceability to allow for easy identification of raw materials as well as expiration threats. Minimize your risk for product recall by ensuring your food is delivered on time and with the proper ingredients.

BOM - Recipe

Poor data management is often a key hindrance to the smooth operations of your business. Bills of Materials (BOM's) are an essential part of quality control systems and managing them well can allow for smooth inventory flow and reduced costs. With increased insight, you're able to forecast inventory needs and predict the exact amount needed for production; saving time and money.

Cost Accounting

With Sage 300cloud's cost accounting abilities, you're able to track, record and analyze all the costs associated with different activities within your organization. Unlike other inconvenient ERP systems that do not integrate accounting with other business areas, Sage 300cloud is able to integrate your sales and service functions with accounting for streamlined financial management and improved financial reporting and compliance.

Multi-Segment Inventory

With multi-segmented inventory management, you're able to ship orders on time from multiple locations. Sage 300cloud enables you to divide your stock into various categories including seasonal items, special or obsolete items, non-stocked items, revenue generators and much more. By organizing your inventory into different layers, you're able to strategically stock individual inventories across all levels of the supply. When your inventory is segmented, you gain a better appreciation and understanding of your products overall, which greatly increases your forecasting ability.

Contract Pricing for Customers

Reduce potential disagreements, uncertainty and additional costs by setting up specialized contracts upon order entry. Pricing contracts allows for better budgeting and increases your financial stability. Additionally, you're able to increase customer loyatly and satisfaction by setting up your own contract parameters.

Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical

Sage 300 equips businesses in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with the tools necessary to compete in this highly competitive environment. As pressures mount for lower prices and greater regulatory reach, companies must still focus on improving thinning pipelines and managing rising operational costs. As the industry continues to transform, companies can benefit from incorporating all business processes into one software solution through Sage 300’s scalable, flexible, and cost-effective features.


Lot Traceability with Expiry

With extensive lot traceability, you have full control and visibility into your inventory which is crucial when dealing with sensitive or hard-to-access ingredients. Sage 300cloud's impressive lot traceability tool increases the transparency of your business and enables you to idenitfy problems significantly sooner. Through real time tracking you can assure quality control & compliance, minimize distribution costs, and handle recalls with lightning speed.

Recipe Management

In this highly competitive industry, it's important to keep a well managed recipe and formula system that allows your information to evolve in real time. Improve your decision making abilities by having up-to-date information at your fingertips and increase productivity by defining your own rules and procedures for handling irregular events.

Textiles & Fashion

Businesses in the fashion industry need to manage complex product and business criteria. Sage 300 is specifically designed to handle in-depth details of inventory items, pricing, business structure, campaign management, and purchase management. You’ll be able to have an in-depth and accurate view of all styles and sizes in inventory and avoid costly ordering mistakes. With the help of the right solutions, you can better cope with dynamic and often unpredictable demand swings, and ensure a minimum of unwanted and unsalable inventory.


Price List Flexibility

The ability to create flexible price lists means that customers are able to get the best price they're entitled to. Sage 300 allows you to create special price lists for your overseas customers in their own currency, giving them transparency in their transactions. Promotional campaigns are also simplified so that you're able to create price lists linked to promotional codes and catalogs to track their effectiveness and profitability.

Lot Traceability

With lot traceability, you're able to track the individual materials you've received from each supplier and gauge the quality of your final products. Be able to track where your materials came from, where they've been and where they will be sent - all on one platform. By increasing visibility, you can build relationships with your preferred supplier, negotiate better deals and fine tune orders.


Global competition, customer demands, and changing government regulations can leave today’s chemical manufacturers and distributors reeling at the challenge of operating a profitable organization. Full integration, from advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting functionalities, means you’ll be in full control of all operations with Sage 300 Chemical.


Lot Traceability

Typically, the chemical manufacturing process is characterized by a high number of process steps requiring complex planning and scheduling protocols. Reduce the stress that comes with these processes through Sage 300cloud's impressive formula management capabilities. Optimize management of formulas and recipes, potency, by-products, weight calculations and more with complete end-to-end capabilities.

BOM - Formula

Health and safety are of utmost importance in the chemical industry making it extremely important to be able to track each one of your inventory items. Reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with ensuring regulation compliance, handling recalls and expiration management with Sage 300cloud's robust traceability tools.


HealthThe Sage 300 Non-Profit Accounting solution was created to facilitate the specific business model and challenges which companies in the non-profit sector face on a daily basis. A key challenge facing most Non-Profit companies is the need to unify an inherently stratified business model while keeping meticulous records and making the necessary reports to the government and other agencies. With multiple projects on the go and multiple organizations involved in these projects, your business needs a sophisticated accounting system that can help you manage these obstacles and maximize the help you provide to your cause.


Flexible General Ledger Distribution Payroll

With the General Ledger module and the Accounts Payable module you can integrate the various disparate aspects of your organization, such as programs and financial records, to provide a real-time overview of your whole company to key personnel. Going further than that, our solutions will also help your non-profit company to automate various business processes which are integral to receiving funding and managing incoming donations. If your non-profit organization is professional in make up, we can adapt our modules like Sage HRMS to keep all education and certification records up-to-date, as well as organize and schedule your various functions and events.

Multi-Departmental Accounting

Through the use of tailored tools that streamline your financial reporting, controls and process management, Non-Profit solution will provide your business with the tools it needs to succeed.

General Ledger Security

Increase your security by having total control over access restrictions. General ledger security lets you limit the accounts that individual users can view or work with and minimizes the risk of unauthorized activity. Protect your privacy with multi-segmented accounts and increase your security by having full control on authorized and unauthorized activities.

Mining, Oil & Gas Supplier

No industry is as unique as the mining, oil and gas industry. Rough terrain, tough equipment, and strict regulation keeps those in the industry working hard to overcome rising challenges, without cost-incurring delays. Mining, oil and gas companies need a business management solution that delivers comprehensive functionality to meet these challenges, Sage 300 Mining, Oil and Gas Solution does just that.


Global Reach

Sage 300 offers a solution that addresses language, currency and legislative requirements to mining, oil and gas companies anywhere in the world. These companies can standardize on Sage 300, backed by the confidence that this solution is utilized in the head offices and operation sites for hundreds of other companies in their industry.

Local Support

Supporting users and sites around the world is no easy task and few products exist that can provide the capabilities and functionality needed. Even fewer can do this with an ecosystem of partners who have feet on the ground in order to provide the local support needed by companies to ensure they maximize the value in their ERP. The Answer Company collaborates with partners around the globe as part of a mining alliance in order to ensure that a consistent approach and level of service can be delivered.

Integrated Industry Functionality

Sage 300 offers a comprehensive suite of modules to support all the key functional requirements in this industry. These include: financials, budgeting and forecasting, procurement, maintenance management, HRMS and safety tracking and compliance. Through these comprehensive modules, companies benefit from consistent information throughout their operations.

LocalBusiness Insights

Using Sage Intelligence or Sage Enterprise Intelligence, companies are able to extract information across all areas of their business without the cost and significant IT investment typical associated with BI solutions. Whether it is KPI for procurement, maintenance or operation, data can be brought together into a dashboard to support different types and levels of information across the organization.

First Nations

The Sage 300 First Nations software solution was developed to satisfy the unique needs and challenges of First Nations clients and their communities. When dealing with the management of services, whether they are social or child-and-family in nature, our solutions allow you to track the information of your band members and administer the service or payment they require in order to succeed.


Perfectly Suited

Sage 300 is ideally suited for First Nations requirements, and has proven success supporting hundreds of First Nations bands across Canada. First Nations customers have many diversified needs spanning many different types of businesses: municipality management, distribution and manufacturing companies, hotel / casino management, member tracking, etc.

Flexible & In-depth

With government reporting requests and the well-being of many band members to account for, a sophisticated and customized solution is required in order to develop the community and help it reach its highest potential. Through a combination of advanced accounting features, web technologies and intelligent reporting the Sage 300 ERP Accpac First Nations Solution can provide a solution that will work for your unique situation. From case and community management to housing inspection and family services, The Answer Company has your community covered.

Multi-Departmental Accounting & Accounts Payable Distribution

Our Accounts Payable module will allow you observe all payments made to your band members and third parties (e.g. Electric bills, property rental etc.) and pay with the method you prefer right through the software. This will all be completed while making sure reporting to the various funding and government agencies has been completed on schedule. Additionally, through the Sage CRM module you will be able to work with your band members, helping them identify the issues that are preventing them from achieving their employment and lifestyle goals.

General Ledger Distribution Payroll

The Answer Company's First Nations ERP solutions will also help with general community management. The Sage 300 ERP Accpac system and its various modules will be able to track the various members of the community, analyze their relevant data and create detailed reports to plan for their future needs. Specifically this will help you to analyze health issues and create preventative measures, anticipate infrastructural needs given the communities growth rate and evaluate the skills of your band members to maximize efficiency and job placement. Modules such as General Ledger can even help with smaller day-to-day challenges like the creation and maintenance of voter lists and the status of communities members who have disabilities and require unique care plans.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is another key component of our First Nations solution. You will be able to track all financial and physical data regarding your assets (e.g. houses, communal buildings, vehicle etc.) in modules like General Ledger and use other modules such as Accounts Receivable to create detailed reports and insights about your property. With this information, you will be able to address challenges concerning fire safety and hazards, overcrowding and residence occupation as well as repair and maintenance history. Additionally, the System Manager module will keep you up-to-date with building codes and other government regulations to ensure that your community is always in compliance.

Comprehensive Services Management

Sage 300 supports management of services, whether they are social or child-and-family in nature. Our solution allows you to track information on band members and administration or service or payment. These capabilities allow you to provide a superior level of service to band members and ensure visibility on service levels.

Save Time & Money

Many First Nations have many different types of business as part of their mandates. By using Sage300 across these businesses, whether they are in construction, distribution/manufacturing or administration, Sage300 allows for common reporting, cross training and resource-sharing that will help efficiency and save money. With Sage 300 you'll benefit from both efficiency and cost savings by using a single platform for many of your business needs.


As a distributor, it’s vital for you to seamlessly integrate new suppliers and sourced products into your supply chain. You need quick access to data regarding inventory, orders, shipments and suppliers as this means controlling your costs and quickly processing orders. Sage 300 Distribution allows you to streamline warehouse operations, manage pricing and promotion and to better serve customers.


Inventory Visiblity

Tracking your inventory can save your company from bleeding unnecessary funds. Sage 300cloud's impressive inventory function allows for importing/exporting between systems while users are able to access web and mobile dashboards that provide your business visibility into its Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). KPIs can track how your business is doing over time and can highlight critical weak points within your organization as well as areas that can be optimized. With inventory visibility you can save time on forecasting, minimize stock-outs and reduce excess inventory items.


Having the option to return products encourages trust between your customers and increases their satisfaction. You can ensure returns are properly inspected, recorded and allocated to the proper location as well as automate service calls for repairs. With Sage 300cloud's RMA capabilities, you can easily gain insight into your product's quality and satisfaction value while empowering your customer service team.

Lot/Serialized Tracking

With serialized tracking, you're able to report and share your materials' data with suppliers and customers, allowing them insight on where individual items came and went. Sage 300's tracking abilities allows you to better manage logisitcs, automate notifications such as demand triggers, as well as arrange better terms with suppliers.

Price List Flexibility

Optimize your profits by delivering dynamic product pricing to your customers. Set up discounts by percentage, monetary value or weight and run limited promotional campaigns to promote your products. With the flexibility that Sage 300cloud offers, you can automatically manage product price lists based on pre-defined rules, quickly optimizing profits while simultaneously saving you time.

Quantity Reordering Information

With Sage 300cloud's QRI abilities, you're able to keep different re-order information for different parts of the year, especially those sold from inventory or seasonal by nature. You're also able to specify quantities for as many periods within the year, as well as record minimum and maximum numbers of units you want in your inventory. Further automate the process by enabling report sending when specific inventory items run low.

Customer Contract Pricing

Create specialized contracts for specific customers with Sage 300cloud's contract pricing options. Set contracts for a specified duration of time and eliminate business costs and potential disagreements by painting a clear picture between your business and your clients.

Financial Services

Today’s financial services industry is dynamic and competitive, and your supporting software needs to be able to accommodate rapid change and growth. Sage 300 Financial Services gives you the ability make strategic decisions, pilot your business, and improve your profitability with efficiency. You can increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that everyone has the information they need to effectively and quickly respond to inquiries, and also resolve any complaints or disputes. You’ll also boost your revenue by ensuring that all sales opportunities are captured, followed up on, and converted while also ensuring that the the best possible prices are negotiated with your suppliers and relationships are optimally managed.


Comprehensive Financial Management

Financial services organizations are typically complex with multiple companies needing robust consolidation, inter-company processing, accounts payable, and payments management. Sage 300 delivers these capabilities in a cost-effective solution. Sage 300 offers tight audit and security throughout the solution, to ensure compliance with internal audit requirements.

Seamless Integration

Integration to banking systems or other operational systems is a common requirement for financial services companies. Many current systems offer some ability to be integrated, but our solution offers the experience of integrating to a diverse set of systems, with the flexibility needed to accommodate each financial services company's unique requirements for data management and reporting.

Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting

Offering a solution that supports complex budgeting requirement and dynamic forecasting is critical to delivering the right information to a board of directors and executive management. Our solution leverages the power of Excel, which is familiar to most financial departments, but with the controls and security needed to ensure integrity of the processes.

Robust Asset Tracking

Financial services companies have a lot invested in their fixed assets and tracking and managing these assets is critical for success. Our Sage 300 solution offers the ability to track, count, depreciate and ensure that assets receive the attention they need and deserve.


Sage 300 offers robust procurement that includes the ability to track requisition contracts throughout the organization. Procurement is a key need in financial services companies, who often have many locations, and Sage300 is able to support these needs.

Complex Financial Reporting

All companies believe their financial reporting requirements are complex, but this is most true in financial services companies due to the number of constituencies they service, including the board, executive, regulatory agencies, and management. Sage 300 offers reporting solutions that provide the capability to present financial reports in many different ways to ensure the needs of these constituents are met. The Answer Company has worked with many financial services organizations to deliver these reports, so we understand what is required, and we have the experience to deliver.

Sage 300 – Complementary Solutions

Sage Budgeting Ans Planning

Sage Budgeting and Planning is a budgeting and planning application that enables businesses to drop time-wasting practices like reconciling numbers on spreadsheets.

Sage CRM

Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages critical sales, marketing and customer service activities, helping business owners find new customers, close deals faster and build long lasting, profitable relationships.

Sage Fixed Assets

From acquisition through disposal, Sage Fixed Assets helps you gain absolute control over your entire fixed asset lifecycle, at a price you can afford.

Sage People

Empower your Human Resources (HR) department with an interactive and global cloud HCM solution that will streamline your core HR operations & processes.


Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is an industry-leading, customizable HRMS solution that helps companies deploy a solution while meeting their budget and requirement.


A leading tool in financial control & automation that facilitates a modern approach to accounting. Empowering you to achieve continuous accounting through real-time automation., it solves challenges associated with manual & time-consuming processes.

Electronic Document Management

Flexible and powerful control of business documents

Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions centralize, catalogue and control documents that are necessary for every asset of a business. As a business grows more complex, the capabilities of a document management system need to keep up. Solutions can often manage multiple file types, meaning that all actions in a chain can be documented. Many have audit trail functionality, data validation automation, and enhanced security of documents.

Function and Feauture

  • General ledger distribution by department
  • AR Collections Dashboard
  • Budgeting, payroll and general ledger
  • Accrued payables/account for variances
  • Inventory accounting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash flow projection
  • Aging analysis of receivables & payables
  • Repeat payables
  • Calculate terms discounts in cash receipts
  • AP Aging Dashboard
  • Quick generation of check
  • Repeat and reverse journal entries
  • Collection tracking
  • Direct deposit
  • Integrated with Shop Management Solutions
  • Commissions
  • Export data to excel
  • Multiple years of financial records
  • Post to prior years and periods
  • Provide a standard balance sheet and income statement
  • Ability to create/customize financial statements
  • Vacation and sick time accruals by company or employee
  • Drill down into data
  • Integrated with Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Calculate monthly depreciation